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{December 4, 2012}   Thing 4: Photo Sharing, Editing, and Fun

One of the biggest reasons we take photos is to share them, right? Whether on a social networking site like facebook or a photo sharing site such as flickr, it’s fun to see your friends’ photos and share (and even edit) your own.

My experience with photo sharing sites began with ofoto about 10 years ago. Ofoto was then purchased by Kodak, and I received urgent emails telling me I needed to transfer my account or risk losing my pictures. A few years after that, I received an email about more changes and was required to make a purchase in order to keep my pictures on their site for more than 90 days. It can be nerve-wracking thinking you might lose your pictures! Because you can never be sure what can happen to a photo sharing site down the road, I prefer not to solely rely on storing my photos online.

Even just sharing your photos can have some risk. Obviously, you always have to be very careful with whatever you put on the internet (at the very least, someone can take a screen-shot and it can go much further than you intended). And just yesterday, Tumblr was hit with a worm, affecting thousands of users. Despite this, I do feel comfortable using these sites for photo sharing, but not photo storage. Sharing photos is a lot of fun, and these tools make it very easy!


I love photography and have been a big fan of flickr from the start. And I’ve also become addicted to Instagram. Despite their recent problems, I think I’ll stick with them. That said, I hadn’t been backing up all my IG pics. I found this great (free!) tool and made a backup of all of them the other day:

bissblog1 says:

I’m definitely going to check out openphoto this week! I see that they have an iPhone app too. Thanks!

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