Because I Say So

{March 15, 2013}   Thing 10: Productivity Tools

The final lesson of Cool Tools for School is Productivity Tools.  I chose to focus on Box and Diigo.

I had been telling myself to start a Dropbox account to store my files online but never seemed to find the time.  When this lesson came along, I opted to open a Box account instead.  Box starts you off with greater storage space.  It also seems to have better user reviews and ratings than Dropbox.  Another of Box’s big advantages is the ease of collaboration (with a shared link, anyone can view, edit or upload files).  Box was very easy to set up.  Since I work with 6 different computers/devices, the mobile access is great! I might even consider paying for extra storage. 

As far as bookmarking, I’ve been using delicious for 5 years.  I was intrigued by the sticky notes and other features in diigo, however.  Conveniently, they tell you right on their homepage how to transition from delicious to diigo.  You can even continue bookmarking to delicious through diigo so that your delicious account stays current.   Diigo’s highlighting feature would be great when doing research, much better than just bookmarking the page and then having to figure out what was important all over again. You can also save pages as a screenshot so you don’t have to worry about something not being there when you go back.  Wow! I think I love diigo! I also installed the diigo browser on my iphone and it seems to work very well.  It can be very overwhelming to try to keep track of so much technology but these tools can make things a little easier and offer some peace of mind.


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