Because I Say So

{June 1, 2014}   Thing 18: Digital Tattoo & Digital Citizenship

As a parent, I have been concerned with my kids’ oversharing on the internet. It seems kids are constantly connected to others via social media.  I often wonder what it would have been like if my childhood had been the same – no time to just do nothing, no time to just be on your own (because if you don’t respond to your friend in a timely manner, that can cause misunderstandings!).  It all seems very stressful to me.  I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy reading a book without having 5 people texting me.  Of course, it’s not just texting.  Much of what kids share involves taking a photo.  Snapchat!  I’m glad I don’t have to take a picture of myself at any time to chat with a friend!

Now that my kids are nearing college-age, we have to think about who will see their digital footprint. Thankfully, my kids have always been aware of what they are posting, and I am their “friend” or “follower” on facebook, twitter, and Instagram so I can see it as well.  I do think colleges or employers have a right to see this, because if people are saying something in so public a forum that they wouldn’t want colleges or employers to see, then maybe they shouldn’t be saying it!  Some people have the sense that they can say or do things online that they wouldn’t normally do, and this can lead to trouble.  Your digital footprint will never go away, so think about what you’re putting out there!


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