Because I Say So

{June 1, 2014}   Thing 19: Online Learning & DIY PD

With our busy lives, online learning makes things so much easier. It only makes sense that more PD’s are offered online.  My school district is very good about offering professional development, but unfortunately they don’t seem relevant to my library.  Like everyone else, I would much rather seek out relevant learning opportunities than sit through seminars that have nothing to do with my job.  This is why I chose to take part in CoolTools.  Even though some school years (this one!) may be crazy and it seems a struggle to manage your own time, I would rather learn important skills that I can use than spend a day in a pd that might not be useful.  I mention this because some of my colleagues felt it was easier to get their training over with at less relevant pd’s so they wouldn’t find themselves behind schedule in an online course. I still would rather spend my time on something that benefits me!

This lesson was great because it introduced me to edWeb! I think I am hooked. I’m not sure if my district would accept it as pd, but there are so many relevant webinars!  I joined two communities – Emerging Tech: Using Technology to Advance Your School Library Program, and LMC @ The Forefront:  A Collaborative Community for Library/Media Professionals.  I took part in “There’s an app for that! 50 apps that will rock your world in 60 minutes” presented by Michelle Luhtala and it was phenomenal!  Even though it was fast-paced, I was shown how these apps are being used with or for students with great success.  Some of the ones that caught my attention are Ask3, Aurasma, Clear, Explain Everything, and Knowmia.  I’m going to download these and make it my goal this summer to learn how to use them!


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