Because I Say So

{May 23, 2015}   Thing 21: Productivity Tools

There are so many productivity tools out there that it can be easy to get overwhelmed!  Sometimes I start to use one and then forget about it…but one that I love and have come to depend on is Evernote!  I have saved everything from files, photos, and my own created lists here.  It is a great feeling to know that you can access your stuff from anywhere and any time, no matter what may happen to your phone or laptop!  I have packing lists and travel tips for our annual trips to Disney here, along with that I add to whenever something new pops up; it’s awesome to be able to go back to my work-in-progress rather than try to do all the research before every trip. I’ve been collecting ideas from recipes to decorations on Evernote for my daughter’s upcoming graduation party for several years, and now that that time is here I am so thankful I did!  I also have some video links and powerpoints that I think I may want to go back to someday.  I keep Evernote right on the homescreen of my phone for quick access. I’ve told both my students and my own kids about its usefulness. I love Evernote and it has definitely made my life easier!

Box is one example of a productivity tool I started to use and sort of forgot about, so I took this opportunity to revisit it and explore it further. I already had photographs stored here because I’m still searching for the perfect place in the cloud to store those. Box’s strongest benefit seems to be its collaboration feature. I may try to use it for that in the future, and I will definitely promote that use to my students. However, I came across a tip on lifehacker that suggests using each of your different storage tools for different file types. Given my track record, this seems like the best idea to me!


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