Because I Say So

{May 24, 2015}   Thing 25: Power up your browser!

This activity involved exploring the settings in your browser and finding things you didn’t know about your settings, and exploring and testing out some of the extensions available for your browser.

I found a few things in my browser settings that I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t realize I could choose the number of days to keep pages in the history, or that I can set my settings to delete browsing history automatically on exit. I also didn’t know that I can set my browser to start with the tabs that were open from the last session, similar to when I put my computer in hibernate.

I chose 3 Safari extensions to try:

LastPass is a password manager and form filler. It is especially helpful when you consider that most of your passwords are probably not as strong as they should be, and in order to stay safe they should be changed often. If you use several computers, you just login to LastPass with your account so you can always have access to the latest updates.

Evernote Web Clipper caught my attention because I have come to rely so much on Evernote. It lets you save anything you see online – articles, text, images, links – and clip them directly to your Evernote account quickly and easily.

Add to Amazon Wish List will come in handy for me. When I need to shop for an item online, I always find myself checking Amazon for the same item before I purchase it. Many times it’s cheaper and, since I am a Prime member, shipping is often free. Add to Amazon Wish List saves the item to your list with one click, and makes it easy to keep track when comparison shopping.


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