Because I Say So

{May 24, 2015}   Thing 26: Taking the Lead: Connecting with your Stakeholders

The Your Stakeholder Connected Librarian Toolkit webinar had a lot of great ideas about advocacy, some of which I’ve tried or am familiar with and some of which are definitely worth considering. I’m going to think about rearranging my library’s fiction collection according to genre, like the bookstore model, which will hopefully increase circulation. I also very much enjoyed the video 10 Ways Librarians Can be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga. My goal is always to increase the number of library users, because the students who do come in are usually there on a regular basis. I try to make my library webpage the place to go 24/7 for research and tech resources, as mentioned in the video. My elevator speech is based on how I think my library could help that particular person. I know that every connection I make is an opportunity to advocate. The teachers that I’m able to connect with are almost always very satisfied with the help I give them, and must be spreading the word because every year that I’m there I get to collaborate with more and more people. I wholeheartedly agree with Gwyneth Jones on the importance of building your list of supporters!


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