Because I Say So

{May 25, 2015}   Thing 29: Student Response Tools

I explored each of the response tools in Thing 29, hoping to find a tool that would help me assess my library program. Google Forms would allow me to create a survey and easily see the results. My biggest challenge would still be getting people to go online and take the assessment in the first place, however. But…this Thing ended up being great for me because it introduced me to SeeSaw!

SeeSaw looks really cute for the elementary level.   As a parent, I would have loved seeing this for my kids when they were younger! I do see potential for its use at the high school level too, though. I will definitely make sure the art teachers in my high school know about SeeSaw. This would be perfect for students to share the thoughts and processes that went into creating their art, by creating a voice over and/or including their research notes. Every spring, the second floor of my library becomes an art gallery with senior students showcasing several of the pieces they’ve created during the past years. Classes are invited to come and browse, and there is an art show one evening for parents and family. I think these students, along with the 9th-11th graders, would love to have a digital portfolio to share with their families in addition to the art show. I’m very excited about the potential to collaborate with my art teachers using SeeSaw!


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