Because I Say So

{May 26, 2015}   Thing 30: Final Reflections & What’s Next?

Once again, Cool Tools proved to be a great opportunity to me.   I read through my posts from all 3 tracks and I realize this blog is more valuable to me than I give it credit for. I can look back at summaries, thoughts, and ideas on how I could use cool tools from the last 3 years. In my own library, some of the tools I’ve successfully used are Smore, edWeb, netvibes, PicsArt, diigo, and my favorite so far, Evernote. I’ve shared some of these tools with students, colleagues, my own kids, and their friends!

As far as expanding my personal learning network, our district’s librarians are already a pretty close group, and I think we all feel that we can look to each other for guidance any time. After taking time to look more closely at my twitter network for Thing 27, I am looking forward to making new professional connections via twitter. I just started following a couple of awesome librarians and will keep looking for more great resources!

The challenge for the workshop was time, as usual for me. It is so easy to keep delving further and further into some of these tools and lose track of time. I’m glad I have my blog to help me when I want to revisit them. There weren’t really any projects that didn’t work out for me. I found something relevant in every learning activity.

What’s next? I cannot wait to try SeeSaw with the art students! This summer, I will put more thought into how to get a makerspace up and running. I’m also excited that I re-visited twitter, both to create more of a presence and for professional development. It’s almost like using it for the first time all over again! These are a few of the tools that I personally have plans for so far, but I know there will be opportunities to share more of the tools with others. Thank you so much, Polly, for offering Cool Tools to us again.


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