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{May 15, 2016}   Thing 35: Digital Portfolios for Students

Digital portfolios are a great way to allow students the ability to have an archive of their work.  This goes much further than saving documents, since it can also include written work, scanned work, photos, video and audio.  I really like the idea of having an easy way to keep things from year to year, because it’s so easy to lose track of all the paperwork that students create.  As a parent, I know this all too well!  Digital portfolios can keep everything organized and in a “safe” place.

While I use and am a huge fan of Evernote, I believe Google Sites would be the best option for students.  Almost every student is already familiar with Google.  It would be easy for them to use, and easy for them to share what they put on it with others.  I have to say I would be concerned about using one of the lesser known eportfolios because someday they may no longer be supported.  It’s a little nerve-wracking when you get notified that you need to find a new site to transfer everything to (which happened to me with Shelfari  and a photo hosting site I can no longer remember the name of).  I would like to believe Google is here to stay…

School librarians can have a key role by teaching students how to create and build their own digital portfolio.  As students go from teacher to teacher, their use of a digital portfolio will vary. School librarians can encourage students to regularly utilize and contribute to their portfolio whether the teacher requires it or not.  In fact, I may have to make it a goal this summer to create eportfolios for my own children (a high school sophomore and college freshman) for myself as a way to preserve their artwork, letters, stories, and other memorable items I’d like to keep from their earlier school years!






Good point about helping your own children create portfolios, whether the school is doing it or not. Great idea!

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