Because I Say So

{May 15, 2016}   Thing 38: App-palooza!

For Thing 38, we were given many sources for apps to explore.  The Top 50 Sites and Apps of 2015 is always a great place to start.  I highly recommend bookmarking this site because I have found myself visiting it often.  This is usually my first introduction to many great apps.  “Monster Math” and “Erase All Kittens” just look so fun!  But of course, they’re also educational, teaching math and coding skills!

Through the Smart Apps for Kids website, I came across an article titled “Tech That Teaches: 15 Smart Apps for Curious Kids.”  I have to admit, every single app on this page caught my interest.  Trivia Crack, for example, lets kids play against their friends in subjects including science, entertainment, art, geography, sports, and history. Many of these apps are free, and the rest are $4 or less.

David Kapuler, who compiled the Top 50 Sites and Apps list, points out that 2015 saw a lot of game-based learning.  This is great to see because we know how much more kids are willing to learn if it’s also fun!


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