Because I Say So

{May 16, 2016}   Bonus Thing: Connect!

I chose connecting with other Cool Tool participants as my last lesson for the year because I thought it would be interesting, and it was!  I learned other people’s perspectives on tools that I may not have given a second thought to, in particular blogging.  I never really liked it, but after reading a classmate’s post on Thing 1: Blogging, I do have to admit I need to reconsider it in the classroom.  Especially after reading Why Students Should Blog.


This lesson was also a chance to revisit a tool I had learned about in the past, Thing 2: Photo Fun. In this blog post, I was reminded of the importance of copyright.


Of course, technology changes quickly, and on my third blog visit I discovered new tools for topics that I had already covered in a previous Cool Tools track, Thing 14: Media Tools


Bonus Thing: Connect was even more helpful to me than I anticipated!


Love your final comment about this topic being even more helpful than you anticipated. Love it when that happens! Congrats on finishing the workshop. See you back next year I hope!

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