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{January 4, 2017}   Thing 16: Media Skills


I’m so excited! With the start of a new Cool Tools for School workshop, I chose to explore Media Skills for my first lesson. My online picture posting is very lacking in creativity and I’ve been wanting to play around with photo editing.

I explored several of the activity ideas listed. Creating a “past & present” photo looks very cool and I plan to do that as soon as I come up with a cute idea and find the “past” pictures I want to use. I’m thinking I want to find an old picture of my school library to compare to today. Our school is one of the oldest in the city, and the now 2-story library used to be the gym! It would be fun to play around with old yearbook pictures compared to different scenes in the school today, and display the “past & present” pictures on a bulletin board.

GIF’s are so popular now so I learned how to make an animated GIF. I also tried to explore Fotojet because it looked like a great photo editing tool, but unfortunately we are not able to download programs to our district laptops, and Fotojet does not yet have a mobile version. So I explored pixlr instead, and I’m so glad I did!  I ended up making a collage of a great memory for the high school cheer team I coach, winning the county championship last year. It took a little time to get the collage just the way I wanted, but I’m very happy with what I ended up with. My plan is to start using Instagram more, now that I can make my photos a little more interesting.  Instagram seems more popular with the teenagers I know than twitter and definitely more popular than facebook, so I think it would be fun to have a library Instagram account that I can update with all kinds of pictures of what’s going on in our library!





Welcome back. And so happy you had a great time with this lesson. I love photo apps too. Currently mostly using instagram. And you’re right, it does seem to still be popular with the kids. Good job.

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