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{May 16, 2017}   Thing 41: Anything Goes Google

For Thing 41, we were encouraged to find any Google tool or topic that we want to learn more about.  From the suggested resources, I chose to explore 10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017, from the Teacher Tech blog by Alice Keeler.  Here I learned several handy tips when using Google Docs.  I will be able to use these right away, as I am involved in several professional activities where members collaborate via Google Docs.

I guess I was aware that Google Docs shows revision history, but I never thought much about it.  This would be very useful if you wanted to revert a document to what it was before someone’s revisions (for example, if their “corrections” were incorrect!) You simply have to look at the revision history and restore the revision back to an earlier version.  No need to worry so much about putting your document out there for unwanted changes!

I was not aware of the plus mention feature.  Not only can you direct a specific person’s attention to a comment by putting a plus sign before their email address, but you can assign a task to a person.  If you filter the document to show action items that need to followed up on, you can see what tasks were assigned to you.  This is very helpful when working as a group on a document.

I’m also going to take Ms. Keeler’s advice regarding the Control Slash feature. This opens up keyboard shortcuts and a great suggestion is made to learn one keyboard shortcut a week.

Most importantly from this “Thing,” I was introduced to the Teacher Tech blog and Alice Keeler. There is a ton of information, advice, and tech tips on her blog and I immediately began following her on twitter!


Oh, you found some great tips! i need to try those out myself. Isn’t that blog great, so many ideas.

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